Rehabilitate your neglected limb and get back to full strength quickly


The Limb Activator mobile app is a simple and effective tool to help you rehabilitate your neglected limb after a stroke. Simply run the app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, strap the device to your limb and it will remind you to move your limb regularly. This can help to aid recovery and prevent any further deterioration. Read the research.


Simple To Use

The dashboard is very simple. Choose how often you would like to move your limb, choose your alert types, set the sensitivity and click Begin!

Constant Monitoring

Once the app has begun monitoring your movement, you’ll see a progress bar showing the passing of time since the last movement. Once the progress bar is full the app will remind you to move your limb. The alerts keep coming until the limb is moved.


The app works on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Download it now for free!